How The Pelvic Floor Affects Your Overall Health with Erica Ziel

February 15, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Erica Ziel Season 2 Episode 31
How The Pelvic Floor Affects Your Overall Health with Erica Ziel
Show Notes

Pelvic floor issues impact the lives of millions of women who struggle in silence! Too many women plan their days around the availability of a bathroom or having to constantly wear liners- just in case!
      BUT, there is so much. that we can do to correct pelvic floor issues and improve our overall health so we can live our life without worrying about where the closest bathroom is!
   Today, we welcome Erica Ziel to give us natural, practical steps to stop embarrassing leaks and improve our daily life.
         Erica is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, health and nutrition coach and deep core exercise specialist.  Her mission is to help women live healthier lives and heal their body through movement, wellness, intuition and breathwork.  Erica is the founder and creator of Core Athletica, the Core Rehab Program, Knock-Up Fitness and the host of her own Podcast called "Core Connections".

    Today we discuss,
the root causes of pelvic floor dysfunction
Signs and symptoms- this may surprise you!
What is fascia -and is this the secret to a strong pelvic floor?
Tips to improve your pelvic floor strength and function
 Tips to PREVENT pelvic floor issues- STOP  DOING KEGELS- REALLY??

      You can reach Erica at:
Instagram. @ericaziel
Facebook.  @ericaziel
The Core Connections Podcast 


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