How To Heal Your Relationship With Food

March 21, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Cassie Christopher Season 2 Episode 35
How To Heal Your Relationship With Food
Show Notes

Today we are going to HEAL our relationship with food and make PEACE with our body!
      Cassie Christopher is a body-positive Registered Dietician who is passionate about helping women 45 years and older heal emotional eating by Loving themselves well.  She supports her clients to create unapologetic self-care practises from a sense of Connection to their bodies and desires, so they feel Comfortable in their own skin, in control around food and energized to live a life they Love!
        Cassie has a very refreshing approach to body image and our weight and the obsession which drives the diet industry and is detrimental to our emotional wellbeing.

    In this episode we discuss:  the hormone Cortisol and how unstable levels are potentially 
                 dangerous to your health
                                                             : the relationship between Cortisol and womens hormones, especially during menopause and beyond
                                                             : practical tips to lower and stabilize Cortisol
                                                             :How women can regain their CONNECTION to their body 
           And so much more...

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                               on Facebook: cassiechristopher

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