Habits Of Happiness with Heidi Alldredge

April 01, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Heidi Alldredge Season 2 Episode 36
Habits Of Happiness with Heidi Alldredge
Show Notes

  Is it possible to take the worst moments of your life , no matter how severe and change them into hope, peace and encouragement? 
      Today I am going to introduce you to Heidi Alldredge-
Heidi is a former radio talk show host for " The Lemon Aid Stand" where she interviewed people who have taken life's lemons and made 'lemonade'! It was personal stories of triumph over tragedy, how they made the world better and what they want to change in their family, home or community because of what they went through.  Now, she spends her days interviewing people on " Heidi's LemonAid Stand Podcast" and it is inspiring, uplifting and encouraging to listeners of all ages.
   Heidi is also a sought after motivational speaker talking about finding real joy, peace and love, no matter what you are dealing with in life!

           In this episode, Heidi and Dr. Susan discuss 5 easy to remember Habits of Happiness, that we can all put into practise right away!!

You can find Heidi at: Heidi's LemonAid Stand Podcast

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