The 6 Elements To Deep Health With Marla Shoom

April 15, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Marla Shoom Season 2 Episode 37
The 6 Elements To Deep Health With Marla Shoom
Show Notes

Today we welcome back Fitness and Nutrition Coach Marla Shoom to discuss the 6 Elements to Deep Health.
    From the age of 12, Marla was a competitive athlete.    Some sports she competed in include gymnastics, long and short running, tennis, squash, cycling and swimming.   She has 4 grown children and is a very youthful grandmother of 3 and still pushing limits and boundaries beyond her years.   She is a certified teacher in many disciplines, some of which include barre, pilates, yoga, personal training and enjoys training elite athletes as well. She is also a culinary nutritionist and nutrition coach.
     We are a few months into 2022,  and Covid- with it's many variants is STILL lurking!   This has been very difficult on the health and wellbeing of many.   
     BUT-the time has come to CHANGE that attitude and Marla is here to discuss the holistic nature of health- it is not just how much time you spend working out OR what Food you eat- that is a small part of the big picture.
        Marla will take us through the assessment she does for each new client, and I would suggest you take pen to paper and follow along  as she discusses each element to gain some knowledge of your own state of overall health!!-It may surprise you--

  You can reach Marla at:
                                    Facebook: marlashoomwellness

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