The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You with Simone Knego

April 25, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Simone Knego Season 2 Episode 38
The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You with Simone Knego
Show Notes

Many motivational books will tell you that in order to better the world, you must first better yourself. But you really only need to change the way you SEE  yourself and the world around you will change.
        What you do EVERYDAY matters and inspires others and by sharing your story, you can motivate and encourage those around you and in doing so, change the world!
          In her new book, The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, Simone Knego tells her story and takes you inside her unique journey and the extraordinary moments which have shaped her life and defined her mission. Sharing the lessons she has learned from life's ups, downs and laugh out loud moments, you'll be inspired to discover your own journey and head out to be the good in the world!
            Today, Dr. Susan has a wonderful conversation with Simone about her book and her life.  Simone talks about having belief in ourselves, living life to the fullest, showing kindness to others and OURSELVES and sharing that kindness in the little things we do to help make this world a better place.

             Sit back and enjoy this episode!

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