Food As Medicine with Ramona Fasula

May 15, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman and Ramona Fasula Season 2 Episode 40
Food As Medicine with Ramona Fasula
Show Notes

What are some of the Top Superfoods we need to eat to keep us young and healthy??
     Today, my guest is Ramona Fasula is here to answer that question, and much much more...
      Ramona is a nationally recognized natural health expert, published author and disease management and prevention specialist.  As a graduate of the prestigious institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and the Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies , Ramona gained a solid knowledge of how the foods we choose have an impact on the quality or our lives.
     You will want a pad and paper ,  as this episode is packed full of GREAT Health Tips!!
  You can reach Ramona at:
                                                              Instagram: @wellness_byramona
                                                               Facebook:@ wellnessbyramona
      "A Health Coach's Guide To Heart Health-11 Steps To A Healthy Heart". by Ramona Fasula

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