How To Overcome Chronic Pain Without Medication with Dawn Cady

June 01, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Dawn Cady Season 2 Episode 42
How To Overcome Chronic Pain Without Medication with Dawn Cady
Show Notes

Today I am introducing a fascinating woman by the name of Dawn Cady. Dawn is a Holistic Certified Specialist, Multi-Award Winning Pain Expert, Australia's Premier Pain Freedom Coach and Founder and owner of Alleviate Pain Inc.  
      Having struggled with debilitating illness for over 30 years, Dawn healed herself and learned to walk again.  She has developed a multi-award winning program called the "Neuro-Alignment Method" to help you to achieve true freedom from pain and illness "naturally".
     Dawn is also a transformational Coach who works with entreprenerurial women around the world to help them propel their business to new and exciting heights while guiding them to improve and enhance all aspects of their lives.
       In this episode we dive deeply into the mind/body connection with respect to healing- it's quite amazing!  But Dawn firmly believes and teaches her students how to self heal with a very high success rate.   
       This is a truly INSPIRING episode because, as Dawn repeatedly points out, we ALL have the innate POWER to self heal- it all begins with BELIEF!

      Enjoy this episode and please share this with your friends and family!

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                                            Instagram: @dawncadypaincoach
                                            Facebook:  Dawn Cady
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