The Loving Power Of Your SOUL with Phillip Mountrose

July 11, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman and Phillip Mountrose Season 2 Episode 47
The Loving Power Of Your SOUL with Phillip Mountrose
Show Notes

Pioneers and Innovators in the realms of spiritual growth and healing, Phillip Mountrose and his wife and partner Jane are holistic coaches, energy healers and authors of many books including Getting Thru To Your Emotions With EFT, Getting Thru To Your Soul and the Ultimate Paradigm Shift. Their latest book is The Loving Power Of Your SOUL- A Guidebook For Realizing Your True Potential.   In today's episode, one half of the dynamic duo, Phillip Mountrose discusses this wonderful book with Dr. Susan
        We discuss the meaning of the word "soul"
         We discuss how we access our "soul"
           We discuss how it feels to connect with our "soul"
              We discuss why it is IMPORTANT to listen to the messages our "soul" may be giving us so that we are not just LIVING our life, but LOVING our LIFE!!
   Phillip takes Dr.  Susan through a powerful exercize as an example of a technique we can all use to re-frame a limiting belief and possibly gain clarity
    Phillip also describes other modalities that he and partner Jane utilize in their coaching and much much more...

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