Accepting Ourselves -Inside And Out with Dana Skaggs

July 18, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Dana Skaggs Season 2 Episode 48
Accepting Ourselves -Inside And Out with Dana Skaggs
Show Notes

Today Dr. Susan tackles the psychological effects of "AGING" with Psychotherapist Dana Skaggs.   
     Dana has been in private practise for 14 years specializing in anxiety and adjustment issues along with Trauma work.  Dana has been called the "Boundaries Queen" because she is very adept at helping people understand how their lack of healthy boundaries are contributing to their problems.
      Dana also has a popular podcast entitled Phoenix and Flame which is about pushing through and transforming even when you feel like a pile of ash.
   We are all too familiar with the physical issues as we advance in years- especially after menopause.   But, today we are tackling  deeper  topics- 
                    -How do we accept aging in a youth oriented society
                    -Who are we looking at in the mirror- "that can't be me! I still feel 25!"
                    -The negative self talk
                    -Loss of 'sexuality" that women feel as they age
    and much much more...

      Dana is articulate, sassy and lots of fun!!   This is a lively, honest conversation you will all enjoy and relate to!!

You can reach Dana
                  Facebook: Phoenix &Flame
                  Linkedin.   :Dana Skaggs


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