Fit, Happy and Healthy 40-50-60 And Beyond!!

July 25, 2022 Susan Hoffman Season 2 Episode 49
Fit, Happy and Healthy 40-50-60 And Beyond!!
Show Notes

Today Dr. Susan features an interview with Brad Carlson, a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Practitioner, Author and Speaker.
     Brad guides others on a journey of self discovery into becoming fit, happy and healthy based on what works for them and their own interpretations of being fit, happy and healthy. He is also the creator of the Mindstrong Mindset Training and Audio Programs for developing the mindset you need to become a better version of yourself!
     Brad is also the host of his own Podcast : Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy, Eat Ice Cream!
  This title sums up the philosophy of Brad's programs- BALANCE.
      This episode gives you an introduction to a formula in which you can create a SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE for yourself-
       It is filled with valuable nuggets of information on:
                                      And the secret sauce - mindset!!
     The Mindset Brad discusses is much more profound than in your typical fitness or nutrition regiment.
      PLEASE tune in as this episode contains seemingly simple , practical ways you can change your life TODAY!!

   You can reach Brad at:
                                      On Facebook:Training With Coach Brad
                                      On Instagram: @trainingwithcoachbrad
                                       On You Tube: Training With Coach Brad
                                       On trainingwithcoachbrad

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