Weight & Worthiness with Dr. Dawn Dalili

August 01, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Dr. Dawn Dalili Season 2 Episode 50
Weight & Worthiness with Dr. Dawn Dalili
Show Notes

Today, Dr. Susan has a wonderful discussion about the "lack of self worth" and issues with weight with Dr. Dawn Dalili.
     Dawn is a Naturopathic Physician from Montana with over 10 years of experience.   She helps women overcome hormone related issues such as PMS, Anxiety/Depression, Fatigue and Weight Gain.   Dawn has a passion for helping women transform their relationship with food and body and she believes that our beliefs about our 'worthiness' impacts the health and vitality we experience!
     Dawn has a unique approach in treating her patients- she looks at the body in a holistic fashion and understands that if we ignore the psychological aspects of any issue, the solution cannot be sustainable-
     The association between weight and worthiness is quite clear as Dawn explains and gives examples from her practise.   She is knowledgable, articulate, engaging and passionate about helping women realize their own value!!
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       You can reach Dawn through her website:
                     or if you live in Montana at: Montana Centre For Vibrant Living
                               Instagram:   @dawndalili_nd
                               Facebook: Dawn Dalili ND
                               Twitter : @DawnDalili

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