Igniting Your Intuition With Heather Lee Kemp

August 22, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman and Heather Lee Kemp Season 2 Episode 53
Igniting Your Intuition With Heather Lee Kemp
Show Notes

     Heather Lee Kemp made a dramatic shift from crippling low self esteem to personal empowerment. Along the way, she struggled with addiction and self destructive behaviour allowing self limiting beliefs and low self worth to take hold.
    Through years of travelling the world and exploring every corner of spirituality, Heather finally accepted her internal struggles as an opportunity to heal and stop resisting her natural ability to connect with the universe and get comfortable with uncertainty and to trust in the guidance of the universe.
    As a spiritual advisor, Heather now provides clarity, perspective and direction with her unique approach and gifts.
     In this episode, Dr Susan  and Heather discuss: 
             Heather's journey-
                 What a channelled reading is-
                  Scientific explanation of this process-
                     What clients can discover through a reading-
                         Learning to trust the guidance of the universe (your own intuition)-
           and much, much more...
     This is a delightful episode !!- tune in and be captivated by Heather and her journey...

You can contact Heather at:
     Facebook: Heather Lee Kemp
    Linkedin:Heather Lee kemp
     Pinterest: heatherleekemp


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