How To Stay Committed To Lifestyle Changes with Sara Lodge

September 05, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Sara Lodge Season 2 Episode 55
How To Stay Committed To Lifestyle Changes with Sara Lodge
Show Notes

This week, Dr. Susan welcomes back Sara Lodge to the show to discuss how to stay committed to lasting lifestyle changes, because most of us know what to do but staying on target can be really difficult.
     Sara is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who runs a private online practise- Sara Lodge Nutrition which allows her to work with clients globally.
     Sara has over 13 years of experience in the Health and Wellness Industry.  She runs her practise with a holistic approach, keeping the entire body in mind.  In 2020, Sara completed her training in the Science of Wellbeing through Yale University and implements strategies from this program as part of the healing process.
     Sara's philosophy focuses on inspiring and empowering you to enjoy good gut health with fad-free, science based, easily digested information!
      In this episode Sara gives us several very useful practical tips to help when our self sabotaging behaviour begins to erode our progress and much more....
     Sara also provides some insight into the array of "detoxing" products that are being marketed and "are they really needed"???
   Sara also provides some wisdom about the amount of WATER that we are told to consume -    VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION-
      Please share this episode with anyone who is on the journey of lifestyle-to tune in-

You can contact Sara through her Instagram :@saralodgenutrition
                                                                            Facebook: @saralodgenutrition
                                       On her website

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