Rebellious Wellness Over 50 with Gregory Ann Cox

September 12, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Gregory Ann Cox Season 2 Episode 56
Rebellious Wellness Over 50 with Gregory Ann Cox
Show Notes

     In the words of my special guest Gregory Ann Cox : "This question looms large in the older age groups- Is this all there is??
         The answer- Hell NO!!"
    Fortunately, Greg is here today to inspire us to embrace our advancing years and help us remember that our Chronological age is JUST a number- NOT who we ARE!
      Greg Cox is a Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach and has a Certificate in Nutrition who started Rebellious Wellness Over 50 to bring the truth about how to stay looking and feeling YOUNG! She is also the author of : Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans and has a Podcast entitled Rebellious Wellness Over 50!
       Aging happens but it shouldn't ruin your life!
       Does Aging = Decline?
       Do we have some control over this?
        Can we PREVENT It?
   In this episode, Dr. Susan and Greg discuss many ways to "Accelerate our Health" and embrace the 'Wisdom of Aging"
         Greg explains : Epigenetics in detail and  how it can play a huge role in understanding aging
                                         : The Power of 5-   5 key areas that are crucial to either transforming your life or enhancing the quality of your life
                                         :Metabolism and Aging:   
       AND Much, much more!!
Greg is incredibly knowledgeable and this episode is jam packed with information that you can use TODAY !
   You can find Greg on her website.
                                     On Instagram and Facebook:@rebelwell50
        Podcast: Rebellious Wellness Over 50
         Her Book:Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size Of Your Jeans available on Amazon

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