The Human Engineer- Quantum Healing With Dr. T

September 19, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman and Dr. T Season 2 Episode 57
The Human Engineer- Quantum Healing With Dr. T
Show Notes

    Dr. T has transformed the health , wealth and wellbeing of thousands of people and animals. Remarkably, he treats them from a remote location!
    Amongst the countless approaches to creating health and wealth consciousness out there, Dr. T is truly in a class of his own.  His knowledge is unmatched in the field.  Using focused intention, Angels and quantum physics he is a human engineer for the Universe to create miracles.
     Dr. T holds a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Massage Therapist.
     In addition to being the originator of the worlds foremost remote healing training: TNT-Total Knowledge Technique, Dr. T is also the author of 10 online programs designed to transform the most common things that ail both human and animals.
      Dr.T is also an inspirational speaker and an in demand consultant who leads from his heart and soul.

       On this episode, Dr. Susan had a fascinating conversation with Dr. T which you will find humorous, unbelievable at times and very engaging!  
    Dr. T uses his knowledge of quantum physics and another "tool" brilliantly to heal numerous ailments- many of which traditional doctors gave up on!    
     Listen, enjoy and check out his website:
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