Developing the Power To Fly with Limor Bergman

October 03, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Limor Bergman Season 2 Episode 59
Developing the Power To Fly with Limor Bergman
Show Notes

      In today's episode, Dr. Susan features an interview with Limor Bergman to discuss Building Confidence in Life and in the Workplace-
      Limor works with women to support them in their challenges in the workplace, building their confidence and self esteem so that they can achieve greater success- especially in the Male dominated Tech world.
      Limor has been a mentor for women in tech for over five years and a former director of engineering.  For over 20 years she worked in tech as an engineer, manager and director of engineering.
       We touched on many areas in our discussion including:       
                                                                      imposter syndrome
                                                                      confidence building- even if you are an introvert
                                                                       steps to take to slowly take you out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams...
    In fact, Limor left her comfort zone after returning to Israel from the U.S. and decided to follow her passion helping other women accomplish what she was able to do!

   If you would like to contact Limor , please visit:    
                              Twitter: @limor_bergman
                               Instagram: @limorbergman
                              Facebook: limor bergman 

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