Dream With Your Eyes Open with Daniel Mangena

October 10, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Daniel Mangena Season 2 Episode 60
Dream With Your Eyes Open with Daniel Mangena
Show Notes

     Is there a lingering dream still unmet?  The changes have to begin with YOU!  You are the only one who can make new decisions and take action towards what you really want- and it's never too late!!
      But, where to start??
   Daniel Mangena- the featured guest on today's episode will help you do just that!    
        Daniel Mangena is a successful entrepreneur, best selling author, Podcast host of Do It With Dan and Beyond Success, a life & Business Transformation Coach and an international public-speaker who is known for programs and content that take clients and students to next level living. He has helped thousands of people across the globe achieve wealth mastery and truly abundant lives.
         Featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, the Jack Canfield Show and in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, Daniel's mission is to spread the teachings worldwide with the intention to "spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their unique role and enabling them to manifest their dream life."
         In this episode Dr. Susan and Dan discuss:
                  Dan's journey-
                   First Step to living a life of abundance-
                     Ideal Life Blueprint-
                       Dan's creation of "micro to millions" 
                         Abundance Mindset of very wealthy people-
       and much, much more!

      This is an amazing conversation-   Listen, learn and ENJOY!!

A sampling of Dan's bestselling books are:  The Money Game, Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamers Manifesto, From Time To Time and Power Proximity-  all available on Amazon 

  If you would like more information, or to contact Dan:
      go to his website:
                             IG: @dreamerceo
                             FB: Daniel Mangena      

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