The Unicorn In You with Josh Kramer

October 31, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Josh Kramer Season 2 Episode 63
The Unicorn In You with Josh Kramer
Show Notes

   The episode this week features an interview with author Josh Kramer about his book: The Unicorn In You- a personal growth and development perspective that emphasizes 5 key principles as the foundation for peace and joy.
     By way of classic stories and timeless quotes, he outlines practical and actionable steps to reconnect with these universal qualities. 
    Josh is the managing partner of Kramer Chandler, a Founding Partner of Real Connex and an active member of Young President's Organization (YPO).  
    When not pursuing his passion for traveling, he can be found walking around town with his beloved Havanese, Buddy!
     In this episode Josh and Dr. Susan discuss the five principles Josh presents in The Unicorn In You-
   These qualities are all inter-related and the common thread is "Selflessness".  This episode is filled with wonderful insights...

   ENJOY this special episode !!

The Unicorn In You: A Path to Peace and Joy-  available on Amazon
You can contact Josh at:  https://www.the

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