How To Heal NATURALLY with Brighid Murphy

December 05, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Brighid Murphy Season 2 Episode 68
How To Heal NATURALLY with Brighid Murphy
Show Notes

     Brighid Murphy is a Transformational Healer and founder of Path To Power Programs, where she empowers people to HEAL from within!  She is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner with the Church of Earth Healing and an ordained Interfaith Minister.  Brighid empowers people through the practise of  spiritual growth.
    Her transformative teachings, trainings and private mentoring have helped thousands of people transform their lives.  With 25 years of experience guiding others, Brighids personal journey through physical illness and emotional trauma drives her passion to help others heal and live their soul purpose!
      In this episode Dr. Susan and Brighid discuss:    
                  2 Simple Steps that can enable the body to HEAL Itself
                  We discuss "Inflammation"- physical, emotional
                  What we can do to ELIMINATE Inflammation from our body!!
                  The "Secret" to Successful Meditation
    and much, much more
This is a HOLISTIC view of the body, disease and healing.   
   If you have Emotional Turmoil, all the Vitamins and "Superfoods" will NOT increase Longevity, nor will they PREVENT Disease!    
               Listen, Learn and Enjoy!!

         You can contact Brighid at:     
                 Facebook: Brighid Murphy

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