Finally Finding Happiness with Kevin Roth

December 12, 2022 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Kevin Roth Season 2 Episode 69
Finally Finding Happiness with Kevin Roth
Show Notes

      Internationally  known singer, writer and dulcimer player Kevin Roth has recorded over fifty recordings, won numerous awards, sang the theme to the hit PBS TV show "Shining Time Station" and has been recognized  by major companies such as Time Warner, Parents Magazine, Sony Music among others for his unique talent.
       In 2016, Kevin was diagnosed with stage three melanoma and given only two-three years to live.  Kevin had a choice-either get busy living or get busy dying.  He beat the odds, changed his diet, outlook and went from 'surviving to thriving',  moving from Kansas to beautiful San Diego, CA , where he created a life worth living on his terms.
       At the suggestion of a colleague, he decided to teach others what he did to change his life and continues to do daily to create a healthy, balanced, happy and successful life.  
        Since 2018, Kevin has been cancer free and is now highly regarded by doctors, clergy and professionals for his unique life coaching skills, as well as creating a unique form of meditation called "Dulcimeditation".
        Kevin has dedicated his life to music and life coaching, teaching powerful spiritual and scientific based techniques that helps one let go of stress and live an authentic and happy life!  

       In this episode you will:
             Learn about Kevin's rise to fame playing the Dulcimer
               Hear Kevin's journey to wellness-
                 What Kevin learned  from his cancer diagnosis to wellness-
                   His treatment regime-
                     What is "Dulcimeditation?"
                        What is "stinkin thinkin"?
  Kevin also treated Dr Susan to a taste of his Dulcimeditation music-  JUST BEAUTIFUL!!

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