Making 90 The New 40! with Dr. Michael Roizen

November 28, 2022 Dr Susan Hoffman with Dr. Michael Roizen Season 2 Episode 67
Making 90 The New 40! with Dr. Michael Roizen
Show Notes

W hat if we could replace organs by printing new ones??

What if we could reprogram our dying cells to be youthful ones??

What if we could re-write our DNA to lead us to a healthier future??

Today's episode features an interview with Dr. Michael Roizen about his new book: "The Great Age Reboot- Cracking The Longevity Code For A Younger Tomorrow" .

      But first a word about Dr. Roizen-  he is a board certified Anaesthesiologist and Internist, an award winning author and the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic.  Dr. Roizen developed the "Real Age" concept and has authored or co-authored 5 number one New York Times best sellers.  Some of his books include: You The Owner's Manual, What To Eat When, This is Your Do-Over, The Real Age Diet and many more. He has won several awards in the medical community, given over 1200 lectures and made appearances on Oprah, CNN, The Today Show ,Good Morning America, CBS, Dr. Oz and more.  
       Is 90 going to be the new 40 within a decade?  It's not only Possible, it's  Probable!!
     This episode is jam packed with valuable information!
            In this episode you will learn:
                           What is the Great Age Reboot-
                             Is Aging a Disease that is REVERSIBLE-
                              The 14 areas of medical research into aging
                                 What is "Gene Editing"-
                                   What is Epigenetics-
                                     Can we eliminate OBESITY?
                                       Strategies we can use TODAY to turn the clock back-
                                         Diet Tips
                                           Important information on Sleep as related to dementia
       And Much Much More.....

For anyone interested in health and wellbeing and advances in longevity research this episode is a MUST!-   The Great Age Reboot- Cracking The Code For A Younger Tomorrow is available at all bookstores and through Amazon.
For more information on Dr, Roizen and the book go to:   
    on Instagram: @drmichaelroizen
    on Facebook: DrRealAge
    on Twitter:      @DrMikeRoizen


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