Tips To Help Women Get Better SLEEP with Morgan Adams

February 06, 2023 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Morgan Adams Season 2 Episode 75
Tips To Help Women Get Better SLEEP with Morgan Adams
Show Notes

   Sleep is the cornerstone of good health.  Lack of sleep can make us moody, low energy, more prone to catching a cold or flu and can increase those high carb food cravings leading to weight gain!
     Sleep restores the body, promotes heart health and improves our memory and cognitive thinking.
    But, more than 1 in 4 women experience insomnia or the inability to fall or stay asleep!
    Today I am speaking to double Certified Holistic Sleep Coach Morgan Adams, who helps women reclaim their rest (and their health) by leading them to the land of better, bountiful sleep!

      In this episode Dr. Susan and Morgan discuss:
   Signs of sleep deprivation-
   Can lack of sleep lead to weight gain?-
    How much sleep do we really need?
     5 Tips to help women achieve a better night's sleep-
      Recommended supplements-
And much much more...

A good nights sleep along with stress control should be #1 on your anti-aging daily regime!!!

If you would like to contact Morgan:
Instagram: @morganadams.wellness
Facebook: Morgan Adams Wellness

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