Optimizing Women's Health with Dr. Doug Lucas

March 13, 2023 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Dr. Doug Lucas Season 2 Episode 79
Optimizing Women's Health with Dr. Doug Lucas
Show Notes

My guest today , Dr. Doug Lucas is a Health Optimization Physician. He is the founder of his telehealth practise Optimal Human Health, where he and his team help patients optimize by reviewing genetics, extensive lab work and functional testing.  His 6 month program focuses on lifestyle changes, customized supplementation protocols, hormone optimization and replacement, peptide protocols and medications when needed. Dr. Doug left his role in the traditional health care model as an orthopedic surgeon so he could help educate his patients on how to prevent the surgeries he was trained to perform.

       In this very informative episode, Dr. Susan focuses the discussion mainly on menopausal and post-menopausal women's issues-
     We learn about:
 -Why is it so difficult to keep abdominal weight off after menopause-
- Are Bioidentical hormones safe?-
-Lifestyle tweaks to promote anti-aging?-
-Is Intermittent Fasting advisable?-
-A brief look at Epigenetics-
-What are Peptide Protocols?-
-The importance of including some Meat in the diet-

And much, much more...

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