The Emotion Code with Monique Jose

March 20, 2023 Susan Hoffman with Monique Jose Season 2 Episode 80
The Emotion Code with Monique Jose
Show Notes

  My guest today, Monique Jose has spent the last 20 plus years studying alternative healing methods.  She has always had a love for natural healing methods and has spent many years receiving healing from her holistic chiropractor and her doctor, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Additionally, Monique has experimented with acupuncture, developed a great affinity for the use of essential oils and more.
   She is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Body Code Practitioner. Monique heals clients all across the country using the Body and Emotion Code modalities, intuition, law of attraction and energy testing to resolve issues and accomplish goals.

  Today, we dive into  The Emotion Code and The Body Code with Monique-

     We learn:
What is the Emotion Code, and Body Code-
What is Muscle Testing -
How are each of these used-
Do you teach your clients how to self test using Muscle Testing-
Can you release limiting beliefs using this modality-
How is the Law of Attraction used with this modality-
How do you use this in your daily life-

And much, much more...

   You can contact Monique at:
Instagram: @monique.jose
Facebook: Monique Jose
Linkedin: Monique Jose

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