Spirituality and Cash Flow with Vickie Helm

April 17, 2023 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Vickie Helm Season 2 Episode 82
Spirituality and Cash Flow with Vickie Helm
Show Notes

   Vickie Helm is a business and asset development strategist and is deeply spiritual.
Having graduated with a degree in accounting and finance as well as graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she combines business and spirituality together to create wealth and wholeness.
   Vickie is the CEO of Smart Group Firm, Co-CEO of Metadigm Digital Network and is the acclaimed international bestselling author or over 40 books.
    She is also the host of the poplar "Coffee Break Show" with Vickie Helm.

   For those of you looking to have more success, more assets and more wealth, along with deeper relationships and a sense of purpose, or simply want to achieve your highest potential, Vickie Helm shares her secrets to maximizing your potential and multiplying your results.
    She shares with you how you can take your life to the next level by helping you tap into your own inner genius so you can have a life of passion, purpose and prosperity!

   In this very powerful episode, we discuss:
-Vickie's personal journey-
-How do spirituality and business meet and interact?-
-How do we awaken our inner genius and creativity-
-What are the 3 skillsets most needed in the future-
-How did you write 41 books??- can anyone do this?
-What is the key to financial freedom -

And so much more...

You can reach Vickie at:
Podcast: the Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm
Facebook:  Vickie Helm
Twitter: @Vickie999
Instagram: @vickie_helm

All of Vickie's books are available on Amazon such as: The She Myth, The Secret Joy Of You,  Cash Flow Mojo....


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