Effortless and Joyful Living with Daniela Sulek

April 24, 2023 Susan Hoffman with Daniela Sulek Season 2 Episode 83
Effortless and Joyful Living with Daniela Sulek
Show Notes

I am welcoming back a fascinating lady, Daniela Sulek to the podcast!
  In Daniela's words:
       " Your  freedom begins with the realization that you are NOT your mind nor the emotions it triggers. There is a permanent state of deep peace and joy beyond the human conditioned state."
     Daniela works with the world's most talented executives and entrepreneurs.  she helps renowned leaders shift into a permanent state of higher consciousness, so they can experience the ease, joy and fun of life. By transcending from Creating by Doing to Creating by Being, they are no longer bound by the conditioned mind, time or space.  They create experiences they desire.  
    Her thirst for truth naturally brought her on a journey of experiencing the self beyond the mind, body and physical reality.  She has brought a leading-edge concept of applied neurophysiology, energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics and higher logic into her daily life creating massive physical, mental and emotional shifts for herself and her clients.

     Today, Daniela and I take a deep dive into the concept of Free Will and Destiny, and we use health and longevity as an example.
       To get the most out of this episode, I would urge you to listen or re-listen to episode 71- Become Empty and Magnetize Your Dreams to become familiar with Daniela's philosophy.

   You can reach Daniela at:
Instagram:  @daniela_sulek
Facebook: danielasulek

Daniela also co-hosts a wonderful podcast:  Cosmic Collision Podcast

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