Mind Hacking For Rebels with Karin Tyden

May 08, 2023 Susan Hoffman with Karin Tyden Season 2 Episode 85
Mind Hacking For Rebels with Karin Tyden
Show Notes

   Karin Tyden has an almost supernatural ability to understand and "hack" the mechanics behind people's subconscious patterns and create new and better strategies in life.  Fast. Tailored.
   She is a multi-award winning coach, active in over 25 countries and one of Europe's sharpest in her field.  She has helped thousands of people to maximize their potential and is often seen as the coaches coach!
   Karin has also the author of "Mind Hacking For Rebels".

   In this  episode Karin and I discuss:
- Karin's journey to wellness and what she learned
-how do patterns formed in our subconscious affect us as we mature
-Is it possible for everyone to "re-wire" their brain
-why is "being vulnerable" so important 
-examples of simple 'mind hacks' we can use everyday

And much more...

 There is an abundance of information on how we can keep our physical body healthy to improve our quality of life, but the role the mind plays in our wellbeing is often under-stated and in fact works in tandem with the physical body.
     Listen to a sample of Karin's mind hacks and pick up her book
           "Mind Hacks For Rebels" at Amazon
To learn more about Karin visit:
Instagram: @karintyden
Linkedin: Karin Tyden
Facebook: Karin Tyden

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