Spiritual and Transformational Energy Coaching with Gul Sonmez

June 05, 2023 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Gul Sonmez Season 2 Episode 87
Spiritual and Transformational Energy Coaching with Gul Sonmez
Show Notes

    My guest today, Gul Sonmez, is a transformational energy coach, spiritual healer and Founder of Purposeful Vibes.  She helps people all over the world to move past their stress and trauma to heal and flourish in all areas of their life.
  Through her incredible gifts, Gul has not only radically changed her own life, but has profoundly redesigned the lives of others around her while forging her path as a 6 figure entrepreneur.

  Gul writes:
 " I am not healing anyone-not sending energies to make you feel better for a short period of time-we are walking along this transformational path together to initiate profound changes in your inner world.  Once the transformation  of your life takes place, it starts internally and eventually externally"

   Gul discusses her own journey from corporate executive to energy healing coach and the process she uses to achieve incredible and life changing results with her clients-

    We also discuss the misconceptions around 'Manifestation'  , common limiting beliefs and much more....

   I invite you to listen, enjoy and if you would like to learn more about Gul or contact her:
Instagram: @gulsonmez_
Linkedin: Gul Sonmez Palumbo
Facebook: Purposeful Vibes with Gul Sonmez


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