Bonding Based Lovemaking with Carolin Hauser

May 29, 2023 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Carolin Hauser Season 2 Episode 86
Bonding Based Lovemaking with Carolin Hauser
Show Notes

   My guest today, Carolin Hauser, is a German trained Naturopathic Doctor, Humanistic Psychotherapist and  Family Constellations Facilitator.
   Many couples struggle in relationships, thinking they just need better communication strategies.  Carolin has found that rather than focusing on strategies or doing therapy, couples are helped most by learning about a new way of Lovemaking- namely Bonding Based Lovemaking.
   Carolin is the author of Blossom: Your Seven Steps to Sexual Healing.   She is an internationally recognized speaker and teacher on the subjects of Spirituality, Relationships, Emotional Healing and Bonding Based Lovemaking.

      In this episode you will learn:
-What is "Bonding Based Lovemaking"
-The physiology -(the science) behind this form of lovemaking
-Differences between Bonding Based and Ejaculatory Sex
-The benefits of Bonding Based Lovemaking
-Why would couples choose this form of lovemaking over traditional lovemaking

  And much more...

This is a really interesting episode -  the book Carolin refers to in the interview is:    
          Cupids Poison Arrow by Marnia Robinson

If you would like to contact Carolin :
  Instagram: @carolinisabellehauser
  Facebook: Carolin Hauser
  Linkedin:  Carolin Hauser

She has many  video's available on You Tube
Her book:" Your Seven Step Journey to Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Creating Your Dream Life".  is available on Amazon

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