Wisdom on The Camino with Kathleen Donnelly Israel

June 19, 2023 Susan Hoffman with Kathleen Donnelly Israel Season 2 Episode 88
Wisdom on The Camino with Kathleen Donnelly Israel
Show Notes

   My guest today, Kathleen was born in 1949 in San Diego, California where she has lived her entire life.  Ron and Kathleen raised their 5 children in Lakeside San Diego County.  They were a Team Couple for Worldwide Marriage Encounter in the 70's and 80's.
    Kathleen has a Bachelor's degree in Art from San Diego State University.  She studied Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland.  She is a certified Transformational Breathing Facilitator, Theta Healer and has enjoyed a lifetime of walking, hiking and running.
   Kathleen cared for her husband Ron for the 17 years that he had Parkinson's disease until he died in 2018.  During this time she studied spiritual healing from many enlightened thought leaders and teachers.

     At the age of 70, Kathleen decided to walk the "Camino Santiago de Compostela" , after her husband passed away.   This is a 500 mile walk across Northern Spain and she accomplished this on her own!
   She has written an account of her journey entitled "Wisdom On The Camino".

      This is an indepth interview about Kathleen's life as a support person tending to Ron for 17 years and her journey and completion of the Camino, not once but TWICE!! 

   You will agree that Kathleen is inspirational and unstoppable- if you would like to contact Kathleen, please visit:
Facebook: Kathleen Donnelly Israel
Linkedin: Kathleen Donnelly Israel
Instagram: @wisdomonthecamino

"Wisdom On The Camino- A spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life".  is available on Amazon



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