Radical Remissions - healing against all odds

June 15, 2021 Dr. Susan Hoffman with Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr Doug Andrews Season 1 Episode 13
Radical Remissions - healing against all odds
Show Notes

In today's episode we focus on the mind/body connection with respect to healing and pose the question-Is the human body capable of facilitating it's own healing, with our guests Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr Doug Andrews, both from Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto.
      We    discuss the book Radical Remissions by Dr Kelly Turner, in which she investigated thousands of so called 'miracle cures' and the nine factors that were common to all cases, which Dr Khan and Dr. Andrews corroborate siting examples from the clinic.
       This is a broad topic and we barely skimmed the surface but our goal at Lunch With A Healer is to pique your interest, open your minds and perhaps recognize that it is time for 'conventional' practitioners to take a more holistic view of medicine, incorporating the mind/body/spirit connection in their treatment modalities.

Dr Akbar Khan is a graduate of the University of Toronto faculty of medicine in 1992.  Through his work in pain and symptom management of cancer patients he developed an interest in non-toxic cancer treatments. Dr. Khan has gained international recognition for his work with non-toxic cancer therapies. In 2006 he co-founded Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto.  In 2018 he received the title of 'Integrative" Medical Doctor and in 2018 founded Sano Via Wellness, a health and wellness division of Medicor.  Dr Khan regularly publishes in peer reviewed medical journals and lectures internationally.
Dr Doug Andrews is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto in 2002.  He is presently the director of naturopathic medicine at Medicor Cancer Centres .  He is also the director of naturopathic medicine at Sano Via Wellness- the private integrative wellness division of Medicor.
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