Comparing Yourself to Others - Body Image

July 12, 2021 Dr Susan Hoffman, Debra Jones RM, Karen and Leslie Season 1 Episode 15
Comparing Yourself to Others - Body Image
Show Notes

Comparing yourself to others is real and it is an affliction that can block us from reaching our potential and rob us from understanding our own uniqueness.  It can affect every area of our lives - if we have no authentic self identity because we are always wanting to "be" like someone else, then our choices in life become altered, our true passions never realized and eventually lead to depression and anxiety.
        Social media is multiplying the severity of this situation due to unrealistic images that young people see and believe are real.
         Today, the ladies discuss the aspect of body image and as Susan describes, is the single most detrimental influence on her life!!  
        Women are encouraged to live up to unrealistic standards of beauty, especially as they age.  It is time to stop judging each other- but mainly YOURSELF - free yourself of this ego based burden and start living an authentic, joy filled life!!

           Let us know how " Comparisonitis" has affected your life- leave us your comments!

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