Balancing Hormones After 50- With Dr. Shari Caplan

August 01, 2021 Dr Shari Caplan Season 1 Episode 16
Balancing Hormones After 50- With Dr. Shari Caplan
Show Notes

Today we feature an interview with Dr Shari Caplan- the Medical Director and founder of Vitality MD- an integrative medical lifestyle centre that specializes in womens sexual health and overall wellness.
    In today's episode, Dr Caplan discusses womens sex hormones, libido and Womens Sexual Pleasure- even after menopause!!She discusses new treatments aptly named the "O" Shot and "Viveve" which are available for libido enhancement, stress urinary incontinence in women and elevating or enabling orgasms!
     This episode is filled with lots of important information for women of all ages- especially peri,menopausal and post menopausal women.
       Vitality MD is generously offering a promotional discount for either the "O " Shot or "Viveve"!  Dont wait- book your consult today and mention Lunch With A Healer and Dr Caplan will take care of you- I did it and all I can say is WOW !!!

       You can reach Vitality MD at:
                                                                         @VitalityMDtor on Instagram or facebook
                                                                           Vitality MD-1769 Avenue Rd, 416-792-1100

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