Navigate Your Life with the Moon

September 01, 2021 lunch with a healer Season 1 Episode 18
Navigate Your Life with the Moon
Show Notes

Our lunchtime gathering today developed into a discussion about the recent double full moon in the sign of Aquarius -   
       Susan originally wanted to talk to the ladies about feeling "stuck," not grounded and a general  feeling of being unbalanced. 
       However, it seems that Debra may have divulged the reason behind these feelings when she started to explain the significance of the full moon- in particular this very unique moon cycle.

       We hope this episode resonates with you-  Astrology is yet another tool we have to shine some light on our emotional state and perhaps give us some extra guidance!!
        Our conversation today is brief but fun and informative- Grab a coffee (or green tea?) 
                                      Sit Back and ENJOY!

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