How to use Essential Oils for a healthier, happier YOU

January 07, 2022 Lunch With A Healer Interviews Cindy Vallone Season 2 Episode 27
How to use Essential Oils for a healthier, happier YOU
Show Notes

Dr. Susan Hoffman talks to Cindy Vallone, a doTerra Wellness Advocate to provide a beginners guide to Essential Oils.
     Cindy has been using essential oils for over 6 years and has an international team of Wellness Advocates who help others meet their health goals.
     Cindy and her family use essential oils for preventive and acute care for everything from "head to toe".  Essential oils have become their go-to for what ails them, wether its physical, emotional or mental.
       In this episode you will learn:
 What are essential oils?
 How to use essential oils?
 Are all essential oils equal?
 And much, much more.....
   Join Dr. Susan as she begins her journey into the 'Essential Oils" field - a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, in some cases, for better overall health and wellbeing!!   It's Exciting to try a new modality!!!

You can reach Cindy by reaching out to her through her website:
Cindy is offering a complimentary 30 minute wellness consult!!
On Instagram: @cindyvallone123
On Facebook: @OILessentials with Cindy Vallone

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